Screenwriting Journals


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The 100 Script Challenge

Reading scripts is a screenwriter’s secret weapon! We challenge you to read 100 scripts and take notes so everything you learn — especially the skills you can use in your own writing — will be saved in your journal for easy reference. 

Are you ready to take the challenge?

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Now Available!

The Idea Journal for Screenwriters



Never lose another idea!

The Idea Journal for Screenwriters is a place to collect your ideas for easy reference. You can read through them, ponder on ways to make them better and connect smaller ideas and turn them into blockbusters! Plus, the journal includes 14 tips on how to build your ideas into marketable concepts!

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The Outline Journal

Bring your best idea and run it through The Outline Journal. You’ll come out with a stronger concept and a complete outline. 

You can’t have a career as a screenwriter without knowing how to outline! It’s just a fact. Too many people need to see what you’re going to write before you write it, and an outline is the way. Whether that outline comes in the form of a beat sheet or a treatment, doesn’t matter. Both are just forms of the same beast.

Bottomline: Outlining is a skill you NEED to master.

Not only does The Outline Journal make it easy to build a solid outline — every time — but by taking an idea from page one of the journal to the end, you’ll build strong outlining skills as you complete a professional outline.