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The 100 Script Challenge Journal

100-script-challenge-coverTAKE THE CHALLENGE!

Writers need to read! Especially screenwriters, because every produced screenplay is its own master class. 

But why 100 scripts?

Because 99 isn’t enough and 101 is completely overdoing it. Ha.

Honestly, if you do something 100 times, you will grow as a writer and an expert on screenplays. You’ll also stockpile some seriously useful and impressive notes about tips and tricks you can use when you’re writing.

And you’ll have it all in one place — in your journal — every time you work on your screenplay. 

Which scripts should I read?

That’s up to you, but frankly, read everything you can find. The scripts can be within your chosen genre, blockbusters, Oscar winners or complete flops. It doesn’t matter, because any script you read will teach you something.

The 100 Script Challenge Journal is about digging into the mechanics of a screenplay. As you read, focus on the script’s structure, dialogue, characters, subtext, and all the other elements that makeup a script. Take notes about what works and why. 

Good notes are your secret weapon the next time you sit down to write!

The 100 Script Challenge Journal is on Amazon!



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